Unusual Visual Symptoms and Alzheimer’s; Infections and Dementia; Head Trauma and MS

Derick Alison
Derick Alison
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Posterior cortical atrophy — a rare syndrome characterized by progressive visual impairment including constructional dyspraxia, space perception deficit, or simultagnosia — presented as a young-onset dementia syndrome and predicted underlying Alzheimer’s disease pathology, a meta-analysis showed. (Lancet Neurology)

SARS-CoV-2 infection of dopamine neurons derived from human pluripotent stem cells triggered an inflammatory and cellular senescence response. (Cell Stem Cell)

The largest study of pathogens to date did not find clear evidence for relationships between common infections and dementia risk markers. (Alzheimer’s & Dementia)

Nearly a third of migraine patients experienced migraine-related stigma very often or often and this was associated with higher disability and interictal burden, survey data showed. (Neurology)

The risk of adverse birth outcomes increased with higher levels of maternal autistic traits. (JAMA Network Open)

A meta-analysis of 19 studies suggested anti-amyloid Alzheimer’s drugs led to cognitive and functional improvements well below the minimal clinically important difference for each outcome. (Annals of Family Medicine)

Head trauma raised the risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) in genetically susceptible people. (Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry)

Vitamin D3 supplementation had no significant effect on MS clinical outcomes in a meta-analysis. (Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders)

At 5 years, quality of life was stable for advanced Parkinson’s patients who had deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus and worse for those treated with medication only. (JAMA Network Open)

What’s next in Parkinson’s disease? The Lancet takes a look.

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