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Nitazenes Have Entered the Drug Scene. Now What?

Marino is a medical toxicologist, addiction medicine specialist, and emergency physician. Move

Ryan Marino, MD Ryan Marino, MD

The Sackler Family Can Act Today to Compensate Opioid Overdose Victims

LaBelle is an expert in addiction policy and drug control law. Fields

Mobile Unit Preferred for Buprenorphine Access

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- People using opioids were significantly more satisfied with accessing

Derick Alison Derick Alison

Advice to the Field of Suicidology: A Way Home When ‘Bad Lost’

Russell Copelan is a retired emergency department psychiatrist. He graduated from UCLA

Derick Alison Derick Alison

How Much Pain Is ‘Enough’ to Prescribe Opioids?

Joshi is a physician. Chapman is a federal criminal defense attorney. Disclosure:

Optimizing Dosing of Medications for OUD in the Era of Fentanyl

Wightman is a practicing physician in medical toxicology, emergency medicine, and addiction