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What if Taylor Swift Had Gone to Medical School?

In these times of record rates of nurse and physician burnout, private

Neil Baum, MD Neil Baum, MD

What If Side Gigs Just Remind You How Much You Love Medicine?

Side gigs for doctors are all the rage now. And I like

Jordan Frey, MD Jordan Frey, MD

Can We Please Stop Pushing the Paperwork Rock Uphill?

Fred Pelzman is an associate professor of medicine at Weill Cornell, and

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MedPod Today: Residency Application Updates; Doc Discipline; Vacation and Burnout

The following is a transcript of the podcast episode: Rachael Robertson: Hey

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Is Burnout Destroying Emergency Medicine?

Pines and Aldeen are emergency medicine physicians and leaders of a physician-owned

A Culture of Silence Persists in Medicine Despite #MeToo

Singh is a holistic coach for providers and a former emergency medicine

Burnout Relief, Made Easier | MedPage Today

Roy-Bornstein is a writer and a retired pediatrician. Last week, Massachusetts hospitals,

Carolyn Roy-Bornstein, MD Carolyn Roy-Bornstein, MD

Four Benefits of Including Physicians in Healthcare Design

Lewiss and Franks are emergency medicine physicians and consultants/advisors to an architecture

7 Secrets to Wealth Building You Won’t Learn in Medical School

In medical school, you probably won't learn anything about wealth building, let

Jordan Frey, MD Jordan Frey, MD

Would You Take Out a $200k Loan With No Real Returns for a Decade?

N. Adam Brown is a practicing emergency physician, entrepreneur, and healthcare executive.

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