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Pushback on Rule for Surgical Lymph Node Sampling During Lung Resection

SAN ANTONIO -- Thoracic surgeons were fired up about minimum expectations for

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CABG Surgeons Link Multi-Arterial Grafts to Patient Longevity

SAN ANTONIO -- Researchers made a case for superior long-term survival with

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Drug-Related Endocarditis: A First Stab at Recommendations for Surgeons

SAN ANTONIO -- In response to the opioid epidemic, a primer to

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Caution Raised for Post-TAVR Cardiac Surgeries

SAN ANTONIO -- The early experience of patients needing cardiac surgery after

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Cooling Technique Frowned Upon in Aortic Arch Surgery

SAN ANTONIO -- During aortic arch surgery, even short bouts of hypothermic

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Surgical LAA Closure Rises to the Top in STS Guideline for Afib

SAN ANTONIO -- The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) made a big

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