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Sublingual Acute Stroke Neuroprotectant Dazzles in Phase III Trial

For acute ischemic stroke within 48 hours of onset, the novel sublingual

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Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy Falls Short on Stroke Outcomes

Bone marrow-derived allogeneic stem cell therapy shortly after ischemic stroke did not

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Direct Thrombin Inhibitor Shows Benefit for Progressing Stroke

Argatroban could revive the practice of acute anticoagulation for reducing disability after

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Oral Factor XIa Inhibitor Disappoints for Secondary Stroke Prevention

Factor XIa inhibitor milvexian did not provide meaningful secondary prevention over dual

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DAPT Stays Helpful for Minor Stroke Even With Later Presentation, Worse Symptoms

The benefit of dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) for a minor ischemic stroke

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Alteplase Not Harmful in NOAC Users, Even in a More Bleeding-Prone Cohort

Stroke patients treated with intravenous alteplase (Activase) did not have more intracranial

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