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The ‘Bottom Line’ Should Not Eclipse the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Remignanti is a retired emergency physician. "People need primary care but not

Drew Remignanti, MD, MPH Drew Remignanti, MD, MPH

Grappling With Our Deadliest Cancer

Bade is a pulmonologist. Paul is a thoracic surgeon. Each year, we

Yes, Conversion Therapy Efforts Still Exist in Medical Practice

Albert is a psychologist. Walker is a retired marriage and family therapist.

Doing More With Less Blood

Frank is a professor of anesthesiology and critical care medicine. In 1988,

Steven Frank, MD Steven Frank, MD

Pursuing My Passions: Why I Didn’t Do Residency After Medical School

Ghaffari is a recent medical school graduate. "Why did you decide not

Navid R. Ghaffari, MD Navid R. Ghaffari, MD

How Much Pain Is ‘Enough’ to Prescribe Opioids?

Joshi is a physician. Chapman is a federal criminal defense attorney. Disclosure:

Don’t Neglect Tobacco Use in People Experiencing Homelessness

Vijayaraghavan is an associate professor of medicine and a smoking cessation researcher.

Maya Vijayaraghavan, MD, MAS Maya Vijayaraghavan, MD, MAS

Charting the Course: From Young Adult Leukemia Patient to Oncologist

Rosenthal is a lymphoma specialist. "Would you like to have a bone

Allison Rosenthal, DO Allison Rosenthal, DO

To Report or Not to Report Suspicions of Medical Child Abuse?

Hatters Friedman and Landess are forensic psychiatry experts. The so-called "Take Care