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I’m Sorry, Your Patient No Longer Has Medicaid Coverage

Smith is a pediatrician in Texas. In March, MedPage Today reported on

Valerie Smith, MD, MPH Valerie Smith, MD, MPH

Learning to Control Traumatic Hemorrhage Can Prevent Firearm Deaths

Meyer is an emergency medicine physician and a director of emergency preparedness.

Mary C. Meyer, MD, MPH Mary C. Meyer, MD, MPH

Burnout Relief, Made Easier | MedPage Today

Roy-Bornstein is a writer and a retired pediatrician. Last week, Massachusetts hospitals,

Carolyn Roy-Bornstein, MD Carolyn Roy-Bornstein, MD

Four Benefits of Including Physicians in Healthcare Design

Lewiss and Franks are emergency medicine physicians and consultants/advisors to an architecture

‘Curable’: A Case for Precision of Language

Casey is a physician assistant. In the movie The Giver, the young

Shannon Casey, PA-C Shannon Casey, PA-C

Is Your Patient Married? Check Their Spouse’s Blood Pressure, Too

Varghese is an assistant research professor. Lu is a postdoctoral researcher. Li

Extend Landmark PEPFAR Program Now

Daschle and Frist are former Senate majority leaders. In 2003, the two

Tom Daschle and Bill Frist, MD Tom Daschle and Bill Frist, MD

Something Special Happens When We Share Stories About Our Patients

Jalilian-Khave is a general physician and a postdoctoral psychiatry fellow. I was

Laya Jalilian-Khave, MD Laya Jalilian-Khave, MD

A Medical Breakthrough for Postpartum Depression Within a Deeply Flawed System

Drysdale is a psychiatry research fellow. Monk is a professor of women’s

Clearing Patients for Punishment: The Truth About Solitary Confinement

Venters is a physician and a monitor/inspector of health services in jails

Homer Venters, MD Homer Venters, MD