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Think Twice Before Drug Testing Your Black Patients

Zha is a family medicine doctor and a nonfiction writer. "We were

Mengyi "Zed" Zha, MD Mengyi "Zed" Zha, MD

A Hidden Cost of a Career in Medicine: Barriers to Building a Family

Zhang and Levy are medical students. King is an incoming PhD student

‘We Caught It Early’: Blessing or Burden?

Casey is a physician assistant. When my friend told me, "they caught

Shannon Casey, PA-C Shannon Casey, PA-C

Why Are We Letting Insurers Dictate Patient Care?

Jung is a gastroenterologist. Dyett Desir is a rheumatologist. When patients are

In the Marrow of My Bones

I forget his name, nothing else. He was gorgeous, for starters. Tall,

When a Revolutionary Cancer Treatment Causes Cancer

Sekeres is a leukemia specialist. My patient was young, in his thirties,

Mikkael A. Sekeres, MD, MS Mikkael A. Sekeres, MD, MS

Why I Hope the COVID Pandemic Isn’t Over

Sandman is a risk communication consultant. On December 31, 2023, the World

Peter M. Sandman, PhD, MA Peter M. Sandman, PhD, MA