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COVID’s Latest Adaptation: It Has Lulled us to Sleep

Simborg is a retired physician and a medical informatics expert. I'm an

Donald W. Simborg, MD Donald W. Simborg, MD

Do Your Patients Know Where You Live?

Casey is a physician assistant. I know where my former therapist lives.

Shannon Casey, PA-C Shannon Casey, PA-C

Child Protective Services Is Being Weaponized Against Our Black Patients

Okeke is a child psychiatry fellow. The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment

Onyi Okeke, MD Onyi Okeke, MD

Nitazenes Have Entered the Drug Scene. Now What?

Marino is a medical toxicologist, addiction medicine specialist, and emergency physician. Move

Ryan Marino, MD Ryan Marino, MD

Spread ‘Aloha’ in Healthcare | MedPage Today

Lazarus is an adjunct professor of psychiatry. I spent most of January

Arthur Lazarus, MD, MBA Arthur Lazarus, MD, MBA

Doing Away With Needle Exchange Programs Won’t Prevent Drug Use

Assaf is an epidemiologist and postdoctoral fellow researching substance use, drug-related overdose,

Ryan D. Assaf, PhD, MPH Ryan D. Assaf, PhD, MPH

Prenatal Care Shouldn’t Begin in the ED

Newton is an emergency medicine physician. "A patient just came into room

Naomi Newton, MD Naomi Newton, MD

Medical Schools Are Not Preparing Us to Care for Autistic Individuals

Iqbal is a medical student. Tsheringla is a child and adolescent psychiatry

Medicine or Candy? Let’s Reevaluate the Vitamins We Offer to Kids

Meyers is a pediatric pharmacist. They're hard to miss -- the overwhelming

Rachel Meyers, PharmD Rachel Meyers, PharmD

In the Face of Misogyny in Medicine, Be a Better Person

Lee is a psychiatry resident. When a patient discloses an experience of

Chloe Nazra Lee, MD, MPH Chloe Nazra Lee, MD, MPH