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Pursuing My Passions: Why I Didn’t Do Residency After Medical School

Ghaffari is a recent medical school graduate. "Why did you decide not

Navid R. Ghaffari, MD Navid R. Ghaffari, MD

How Much Pain Is ‘Enough’ to Prescribe Opioids?

Joshi is a physician. Chapman is a federal criminal defense attorney. Disclosure:

Don’t Neglect Tobacco Use in People Experiencing Homelessness

Vijayaraghavan is an associate professor of medicine and a smoking cessation researcher.

Maya Vijayaraghavan, MD, MAS Maya Vijayaraghavan, MD, MAS

Charting the Course: From Young Adult Leukemia Patient to Oncologist

Rosenthal is a lymphoma specialist. "Would you like to have a bone

Allison Rosenthal, DO Allison Rosenthal, DO

To Report or Not to Report Suspicions of Medical Child Abuse?

Hatters Friedman and Landess are forensic psychiatry experts. The so-called "Take Care

A World AIDS Day Reminder: No One Should Be Left Behind

Guilamo-Ramos is a nurse and HIV/AIDS researcher. As a nurse who has

CDC Advisors’ Infection Control Guidance Leaves Us Unprotected

Ross is a nurse and co-president of a nurses’ union. Thomason is

Ask Your Patients: ‘Have You Gotten Your Annual COVID Shot?’

Ward is an assistant professor of clinical research and leadership. It was

Maranda Ward, EdD, MPH Maranda Ward, EdD, MPH

'Medicarelessness' Revisited After 50 Years

(MedPage Today) -- In 1973, The New York Times published an editorial

Cheryl Kunis, MD, MS Cheryl Kunis, MD, MS

No Laughing Matter: Women’s Health Is Not a ‘Women’s Issue’

Rosen is a professor of cardiology. Stand-up comics aren't usually my go-to

Stacey E. Rosen, MD Stacey E. Rosen, MD