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Not Passing a Bill to Fix Medicare Doc Pay Cuts Is ‘Appalling,’ Lawmaker Says

WASHINGTON -- It's "appalling" that Congress has yet to reduce or repeal

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CDC Changing COVID Isolation Recs; Former PM Opts for Euthanasia; Plant-Based Diets

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Medicare Sends Initial Price Negotiation Bids to Drugmakers

The Biden administration sent its first bid to the manufacturers of 10

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CMS Focusing on Better Aligning Quality Measures, Adding New ACO Models

Are you exasperated by all the different quality measures you're required to

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Docs Need Inflation-Adjusted Medicare Pay Increase in 2025, MedPAC Members Say

Physicians should receive an increase in their Medicare reimbursement in 2025 that's

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Medicare Doc Payment Fix Bill Moving Along, GOP Doctors Caucus Co-Chair Says

Rep. Greg Murphy, MD (R-N.C.), co-chair of the House GOP Doctors Caucus,

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Experts, Lawmakers Explore Downside of Drug-Price Negotiation

Potential unintended consequences of Medicare's drug-price negotiation program were examined during a

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CMS Proposes Rule to Limit Medicare Advantage Plan Sales Commissions

To stop Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D plan marketing agents from

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