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Despite Disinfection, Bugs Thrive on High-Touch Hospital Surfaces

A wide variety of commonplace and unusual pathogenic bacteria were found on

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U.S. Rep’s Death Medical Negligence? FDA Investigates GLPs; Fingerprint Mammograms

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More Hospital Mask Mandates; Ear Wax Cleaning Cameras; Twins Born in Different Years

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Is There No High-Touch Surface in Hospitals Free of Microbial Contamination?

Swabs taken from coffeemakers in German hospital offices and break rooms, and

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Fecal Transplants in Kidney Recipients Reduced Resistant Pathogens

In the single-center PREMIX clinical trial, most renal transplant recipients were negative

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Skipping Hand Hygiene Before Donning Gloves May Be Just as Safe, Trial Suggests

Among healthcare providers, a direct-gloving strategy led to improved adherence and was

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Decolonization in Nursing Homes Cuts the Risk of Dangerous Infections

Universal decolonization in nursing homes -- by way of a chlorhexidine wash

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