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Outcry Grows Over Pennsylvania Child Abuse Pediatrics Program

Dozens of parents in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania watched with interest

Theresa O'Brien Theresa O'Brien

A Medical Student, a Dying JFK, and ‘Destiny’: What a Young Doctor Saw 60 Years Ago

Sixty years ago, at the age of just 25, a fourth-year medical

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What to Know About Ongoing Eye Drop Recalls

Advocates are cheering FDA's recent actions around problematic over-the-counter (OTC) eye drop

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Critics Say CDC Advisors’ Infection Control Guidance Isn’t Strong Enough

A CDC advisory committee voted unanimously on Friday to approve draft infection

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Tinnitus Worsens for Vaccine Scientist Who Points to Onset After COVID Vax

In March of last year, Gregory Poland, MD, was grappling with what

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Kids Specializing in One Sport More at Risk for Injury and Burnout, Experts Say

Specialization in a single sport at a young age can lead to

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COVID Viral Load Peaks Later Now Than Early in Pandemic

Viral load in COVID-19 infection peaks later now than in the early

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U.S. Doc Volunteers in Jerusalem: ‘I Felt Like I Had to Do Something’

In this exclusive video interview, Martin Jacobson, MD, an anesthesiologist from New

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What to Know About the HV.1 Variant

Yet again, there's a new COVID variant on the scene, but experts

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Should Young Kids Be Screened for High Cholesterol?

Debate continues as to whether young children should have their cholesterol checked.

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