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Smoking-Related Metabolic Changes Partly Drive Type 2 Diabetes Risk

HAMBURG, Germany -- Smokers were more likely to have a specific metabolic

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Faster-Acting Insulin Aspart Safe for Pregnant Women With Diabetes

HAMBURG, Germany -- Faster-acting insulin aspart was safe for pregnant women with

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Hybrid Closed-Loop Insulin System for T1D Safe, Effective During Pregnancy

HAMBURG, Germany -- A hybrid closed-loop insulin therapy system significantly improved glycemic

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Mixed Bag for Early Metformin in Gestational Diabetes

HAMBURG, Germany -- Giving metformin early on to women with gestational diabetes

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Adding Tirzepatide to Basal Insulin Cuts HbA1c in Poorly Controlled T2D

HAMBURG, Germany -- Adding weekly tirzepatide (Mounjaro) to basal insulin reduced HbA1c

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