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Dose Escalation With Infliximab Biosimilar Can Restore Responses in IBD

LAS VEGAS -- In patients with inflammatory bowel disease who lost response

Tara Haelle Tara Haelle

History of IBD Linked to Severe Outcomes in Patients Hospitalized for COVID

LAS VEGAS -- A history of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) was associated

Tara Haelle Tara Haelle

IBD Surgery Linked to Improved Patient-Reported Pain, Physical Health

LAS VEGAS -- Patients who underwent surgery for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Tara Haelle Tara Haelle

Telehealth Option Increased IBD Clinic’s Patient Retention

LAS VEGAS -- A tertiary care inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) clinic had

Tara Haelle Tara Haelle

Switching Twice With Infliximab Biosimilars Not Linked With IBD Flare Risk

LAS VEGAS -- Biosimilar switching was not tied to flare in patients

Derick Alison Derick Alison

Early Anti-TNF Reduces Perianal Fistula Risk in Kids With Crohn’s

LAS VEGAS -- Children and teens with Crohn's disease who received early

Derick Alison Derick Alison