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Kidney Week Roundup: Cell Therapy Cuts Immunosuppressive Drug Use Post-Transplant

PHILADELPHIA -- Some of the latest research in the field of nephrology

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Novel Aldosterone Synthase Inhibitor Cuts Albuminuria in Phase II Trial

PHILADELPHIA -- An oral investigational aldosterone synthase inhibitor (ASI) cut albuminuria by

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Kidney Transplant Rates Stubbornly Resist Systems Intervention in Canada

PHILADELPHIA -- A multicomponent intervention in Canada designed to overcome barriers that

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Sparsentan Bests Irbesartan for Preserving Kidney Function in IgA Nephropathy

PHILADELPHIA -- Sparsentan (Filspari) outperformed irbesartan in patients with IgA nephropathy over

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ERA and SGLT2 Inhibitor Combo Cuts Albuminuria in Chronic Kidney Disease

PHILADELPHIA -- A low-dose, investigational endothelin A receptor antagonist paired with an

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Sparsentan Failed to Preserve Kidney Function Over Time in FSGS

PHILADELPHIA -- Treatment with sparsentan (Filspari) led to no significant differences in

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Mid-Stage Win for Novel IgA Nephropathy Drug

PHILADELPHIA -- An investigational humanized IgG2 monoclonal antibody reduced proteinuria in adults

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