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Black Kids Twice as Likely to Die of Sepsis, Single-Center Study Finds

WASHINGTON -- Black children treated at an Arkansas hospital had more than

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Fauci to Pediatricians: You Have a ‘Reservoir of Trust’ With the Public

WASHINGTON -- Anthony Fauci, MD, former director of the National Institute of

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Suicidal Ideation Common Among Transgender, Gender Diverse Youth in ED

WASHINGTON -- A keyword-based search in the electronic medical record (EMR) at

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Postpartum Depression in Dads Linked to Adverse Experiences for Their Kids

WASHINGTON -- Children of fathers with postpartum depression were significantly more likely

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Is It a Sports Injury, or Something More Serious?

WASHINGTON -- Though seemingly rare, osteosarcoma can masquerade as a sports-related injury,

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Lax Regulation, Colorful Packaging, Draw Minors to Delta-8 Cannabinoids Online

WASHINGTON -- More than half of all delta-8 cannabinoid (D8) online distributors

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Golden Hour Bundle of Interventions Boosts Outcomes for High-Risk Preterm Infants

WASHINGTON -- A multidisciplinary quality improvement (QI) team successfully and safely adhered

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AAP Shares ‘Huge Vision’ for Medicaid and CHIP Overhaul

WASHINGTON -- All U.S. infants at birth should be automatically enrolled in

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AAP Warns on So-Called Toddler Formulas

WASHINGTON -- Older infant-young child formulas (OIYCFs) are nutritionally incomplete and should

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