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Matt Rife vs Plastic Surgeon; Why Is Everyone Coughing? Running-Induced Crying

The following contains links to social media websites including X, TikTok, Instagram,

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Rude Awakening on Trying to Keep Donor Hearts Usable With Common Hormone Infusions

Giving unstable brain-dead heart donors intravenous levothyroxine did not lead to more

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Breast Cancer Screening Frequency Makes a Big Survival Difference

CHICAGO -- Women who routinely showed up for their scheduled mammogram appointments

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ChatGPT’s Birthday Message; Journal Softens on AI; Healthcare AI Tracker

Welcome to MedAI Roundup, highlighting the latest news and research in healthcare-related

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Noninvasive Therapy Shows Efficacy in Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer

WASHINGTON -- An investigational non-surgical treatment led to a "robust" complete response

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Combining Immunotherapy and PARP Inhibition in Advanced Uterine Cancer

MedPage Today brought together three expert leaders in the field -- moderator

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Doctor ‘Wage Theft’ Is Not Without Consequences

N. Adam Brown is a practicing emergency physician, entrepreneur, and healthcare executive.

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No Heightened Risk of Suicide, Psychiatric Conditions With Acne Drug

Use of the acne medication isotretinoin (Accutane) was not associated with an

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FDA Clears First Oral Device Treatment for Severe Sleep Apnea

The FDA cleared the first oral appliances for treating severe obstructive sleep

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Clinician Says Her Voice Was Cloned by AI for Social Media Ad

Los Angeles podiatrist and social media personality Dana Brems, DPM, has charged

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